Closeout Assistant

Project Description


With the Closeout Assistant software, Inixta Employee’s are able to manage and organize thousands of pages of documents and information for commercial construction projects. Leading a development team, I was responsible for the day to day tasks of the development schedule and made sure that all deadlines were being met. My responsibilities included concepts, ux design, wireframing, function notes, user workflow, error messages, sitemaps, animated gif files, design, email templates,  additional features wireframes, and user testing.

  • 320 Pages of Wireframes
  • 320 Pages of Function Notes
  • 320 Pages of Error Messages
  • 160 Pages of Sitemaps & User Workflow
  • 17 Animated .GIF Examples For Development Team
  • 283 Design Mock-ups
  • 12 Email Templates
  • 232 Pages of Wireframes For Additional Features
  • 160 Hours of User Testing